The Pulmonary Hypertension association Germany (ph e.V.) welcomes international PH-patients!

ph e.V. is dedicating this forum to international PH-patients in order to facilitate a global exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.

The purpose of this forum is to enable international patients to connect with German patients and vice versa to learn from each other and to help each other. This forum also serves to raise PH awareness for patients worldwide.
International patients, for example, can ask German patients about available treatments in Germany, experiences with therapies or maybe even specialized doctors in case of planned trips to Germany. They can exchange experiences about medical studies or newly approved medications or just chat with each other, providing much-needed support and friendship.

This forum also enables German patients the opportunity to learn about treatments in other countries and to exchange information about tips & tricks in handling certain medications and situations.

We would like to ask every PH patient who knows other international PH patients to share the link to this forum with their foreign friends to spread the news that such a forum exists, and to invite the international PH community to join the discussions taking place here.

Please note that discussions in this forum will be conducted solely in English.

Have fun networking, getting to know each other better and supporting each other!